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Counting ConfigMgr Clients with PowerShell

I recently had to write a script that connected to 19 different domains and count how many computer objects exist on the domain so that I can get an idea of how many clients will need to be calculated for a ConfigMgr install.  This was all done at planning stage.  I decided to let PowerShell […]

ConfigMgr–First Tasks after Install

Follow on from ConfigMgr – A Newbie Experience. Kent Agerlund describes a couple of tasks in his book that are suggested to be undertaken directly after install of your site server.  These tasks include running through applying any updates (Cumulative Updates or Hotfixes), creating a ConfigMgr source directory to store content such as drivers, software […]

ConfigMgr Client Push

Problem:  How do I get the ConfigMgr client onto my endpoints? Solution:  There are many ways in which you can do this.  Most are well documented and for most this will be nothing new but here’s a summary of my findings. Before you begin Start by configuring the client push installation properties. These properties are […]