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Creating Virtual Switches with PowerShell

Problem: Hyper-V virtual switches on Windows 10 Technical Preview seem to become unstable or stop working after a new revision is installed Solution:  Use PowerShell to remove and re-add, lets explore… Creating virtual switches is easy in the GUI, so why would I use PowerShell?  Well, it’s OK saying use the GUI if all you’re […]

ConfigMgr 1602 Console as an application.

Here I will blog about deploying the Configuration Manager Console as an application.  Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed a folder within your Program Files structure “C:Program Files (x86)ConfigMgr10AdminconsoleSetup”.  Within this folder you’ll see a few folders, some encased in curly brackets {} and one not.  You’ll notice, if you explore […]

Slipstreaming the April 2016 Rollup into Windows 7–ConfigMgr

Following on from my post here, where I described adding the Windows 7 Convenience rollup into ConfigMgr as an application.  I will now walk through slipstreaming this into your Windows 7 vanilla image that resides within Configuration Manager using DISM or PowerShell so that its present at every deployment moving forward. I’m assuming that you […]

The problem you have sir, is time.

Hello internet!  Sorry I’ve not posted on here in a while.  As some of you know from my twitter feed I’ve recently had a new addition to my family – a baby boy – who is keeping me rather busy and blogging has needed to take a back seat.  I have also re-located to a […]

Rant about forum replies.

I’ve recently been spending a bit of time on TechNet trying to help others.  I’ve been searching through the a couple of my favourite forums for threads I may be able to help on.  If you’ve ever done this you are probably aware that answers come thick and fast usually from industry experts and it […]

Blue Screen of Death – Windows 10 –CURED!

Problem: Since installing Windows 10 I get a random and regular BSOD related to the network Solution: Since the 9926 release of Windows 10 Technical preview and after a bit of persuasion from some work colleagues, I decided to update my every day laptop to Windows 10.  I bought myself a Samsung Evo 1TB SSD […]

ConfigMgr 2012 R2 – User Collections

I’ve been playing with collections on Configuration Manager 2012 R2.  My current set up see’s a primary site in a Datacentre, within its own domain and I intend to manage another 17 domains using this with distributed site systems to help with bandwidth and because of this, sorting out my collections is pretty important. I’ll […]