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Powershell and Group Policies

I’ve been playing with PowerShell and Group Policy recently so here’s a little walk through.. Firstly lets create a new Group Policy 1: New-GPO -name “COMPUTER – Power Settings for Laptops” Before we go any further, a brief talk about Group Policy; everyone has their own methods with group policies but here is how I […]

Troubleshooting Tips & Examples–ConfigMgr.

Troubleshooting Site Components These can give you good information on what is going on in your environment.  You should be checking in on these regularly.  Navigate here:  Monitoring Overview System Status Site Status and Monitoring Overview System Status Component Status and check each component on each page has a nice green check mark next to […]

Windows 7 Convenience Rollup through ConfigMgr

Following on from my last post I will now write up putting the convenience roll up into a ConfigMgr Application.  Please read my last post for details of prerequisites to installing this update. Here they are once more KB976932 – Service pack 1 for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 (KB976932) KB3020369 – April 2015 […]


Deploy OMS Agent with ConfigMgr

I have recently been looking at the Microsoft Operations Management Suite and decided to deploy it throughout my datacentre.  First you’ll need to sign up, to start with go for the free version.  This limits you to a certain amount of data per month and only 7 days data retentions. Other plans are available at […]

Add Servers to Trusted Hosts

When using PowerShell remoting we often have to add the server(s) we wish to manage to our trusted hosts if our machine is not part of the same domain.  If you roam from site to site like I do then you’ll probably be adding them all the time.  Hence I am investigating and writing a […]