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Remove Sophos Antivirus in favour of SCEP with ConfigMgr

I was recently tasked with removing Sophos Antivirus in favour of System Center Endpoint Protection (hereafter referred to as SCEP) using System Centre Configuration Manager (hereafter referred to as ConfigMgr).  I was hoping it could simply be deployed and that when SCEP installs it would automatically remove Sophos.  Unfortunately Sophos isn’t on the list of […]

ConfigMgr 2012 R2 – Device Collections

Following on from this post: http://www.deploymentshare.com/post/ConfigMgr-2012-R2-User-Collections, I will now go ahead and create some Device Collections to use with my environment. If you open up the ConfigMgr Console and navigate to Assets and Compliance / Overview / Device Collections you should see a default collection for All Systems.  Double click on it to open the […]

Import Certificates to Trust Root Certificate Authority

Problem:  I have multiple firewall certificates to import to a machines trusted root certificate authority Solution: In my current role we use Watchguard hardware firewalls, each of which has its own proxy authority certificate that needs importing to Trusted Root Certificate Authority store on the local machine.  On our domains this is easy to do […]

Integrating MAP with ConfigMgr v1602 (sort of)

The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit is a free tool to download.  You can use it to examine your environment to see whether or not your computers are Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 ready (amongst other things of course).  It can examine a plethora of computers and operating systems using a myriad of connection technologies […]