Add options to your right click menu

I’ve used these for years, not sure where I picked up the original .reg files from but I just conver

Deploying SQL Express

Ok so lots of information on this out there on the web, and I am by no means an SQL expert but this

Enable RDP on your servers

After deploying a Server OS through MDT, its quite handy to be able to remote onto that server witho

Enable File Downloads in IE

Just recently its being annoying me that I have to enable file downloads in IE on each of the server

Installing ConfigMgr–Newbie Experience

But it looks so complicated!  There are a million Technet articles to read which one is the right one?  How do I work out what I need?  Everyone seems to have a different way to do this! There are so many ways how do I know which is the right…

Proof of Concept - DirectAccess

Problem:  I would like to experiment with Direct Access in a simple manner Solution:  Here I’m going to talk about rolling out Direct Access in a proof of concept way.  I have posted some references links at the end which have proven…

ConfigMgr–Managing other domains

Leading on from my other posts about creating device and user collections, in my environment I need to manage multiple domains so I thought I’d do a quick post on some of the prerequisites and some tips.  All these things should make…